Version 1.14 submitted!!



Finally came around and fixed the Game Center crash. While I am at it, I also added 5 new exciting achievements to the list! And it’s been our tradition to add something new to the database whenever there’s a patch, today we got the Pimped Glasses!! It’s an upgraded version of the glasses mod we had. Next Version, Hopefully MODE 2 will be ready and running!!!

Patch notes

The next patch will introduce some side quests. (hopefully)… To give the players something to play after the game ends. And don’t worry, the MODE 2 is under construction! The designing phase is going quite well!! I know how mode 2 should flow now… just need to put design into action!!! Hopefully it will go according to my plan.


THANKS FOR EVERYONE who downloaded and support Tyrants: The Mafia Connection! Your support means the world to me!

Patch 1.11 has already begun!

Hello Everyone! Thank you for your support and feedback of my Tyrants: The Mafia Connection. The patch work has already begun! Problems to be fixed are as follows:

1. game center strange crash

2. sometimes when executing skills without the proper item will result in a term loss.

And the following will be added:

1. a lv 20 raid boss

2. some new items, mainly mods.

3. side quest

4. more achievements to be unlocked

Please stay tuned for more, and don’t forget to recommend this amazing game to your friends!

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