Picked the music for MODE 2

Mode 2 is still going… I have been designing the GUIs this week… I am pretty happy with what I have got so far.

And more importantly! I picked a good music for the mode 2, THAT’S right!!! I’m feeling JAZZY!!!

(* The static is only in the recording… When I have time I will record another one… *)

The JRPG that opened my eyes was…

none other than the infamous FF6…  The story, the character, the apocalyptic world, the development, everything about it was amazing! Released in 1994 on Super Nintendo, still one of the best even by today’s standard

A little History about JRPG (Japanese Role Playing Game)

I first came to know the genre JRPG in 1988. The game I came across was none other than the legendary Dragon Quest III. It was for the Japanese Nintendo system known as the “red-white” system. The game featured day-night system, class-change system (the darma shrine), and the best part was the story. It smoothly connected to the very first Dragon Quest game.

Speaking of the first Dragon Quest game, it was the one of the first JRPG on the market! Players play as the hero trying to save the captured princess. Here is the game play from youtube:

Here’s the wiki page on JRPG: Link

Anyone remember the first Dragon Quest on the NES system?

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