Defining Neverland…

After a long battle(trust me, it’s REALLY long) of how to properly setup the MODE 2 initialization, I finally came to the conclusion that basic city “GEO” data should be stored in a static database for easy future updates, and all the other in game stats should be applied on the first run of the MODE 2. Today, I am gladly to announce, the initialization of what’s defined as a “CITY” is done!!!


Seeing the data fixed brings me the greatest satisfaction!

Seeing the data fixed brings me the greatest satisfaction!

Picked the music for MODE 2

Mode 2 is still going… I have been designing the GUIs this week… I am pretty happy with what I have got so far.

And more importantly! I picked a good music for the mode 2, THAT’S right!!! I’m feeling JAZZY!!!

(* The static is only in the recording… When I have time I will record another one… *)

Discovering sliding panel is…

It’s great to know that the sliding panel is so easy to do, anyone can do it in 5 minutes!! Well, maybe not ANYONE… but it’s really nice and easy to do! The code is clean and efficient!

pic35I should update my battle to have the sliding panel displaying more information, such as partner’s HP, SP, stats, buff, debuff and etc…


Over last few days…

I’ve been battling the insanity of Android’s fragments. The main reason is that the android’s tab system uses Fragments for navigation and so does their paging navigation. And it just so happened that my design requires both tabs and paging. On the infamous IOS, it’s a walk on the cloud since the two are different controls and they do not interfere each other. But for my baby Android, I gotta worry about the paging will screw up the tabs!!!

And on top of that, theĀ convenient BACK button is making a lot of trouble for me!!!

I finally got a way to make it work with one tiny issue: the paging tab will erase the destroy which page you were on before you tabbed away!!!

Hope everything will go smoothly today~~~a775a_google-android-angry-logo-550x393



First of all… no I am not dead… and what about MODE 2?? No that is not dead either!!

recently I’ve been playing with the Android system! I’ve been trying to port my bible study notes to the Android system. And The progress has been promising… But…. Do they really have to get us code all that XML layout files?? Can’t Eclipse come up with anything simpler??

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