Over last few days…

I’ve been battling the insanity of Android’s fragments. The main reason is that the android’s tab system uses Fragments for navigation and so does their paging navigation. And it just so happened that my design requires both tabs and paging. On the infamous IOS, it’s a walk on the cloud since the two are different controls and they do not interfere each other. But for my baby Android, I gotta worry about the paging will screw up the tabs!!!

And on top of that, the convenient BACK button is making a lot of trouble for me!!!

I finally got a way to make it work with one tiny issue: the paging tab will erase the destroy which page you were on before you tabbed away!!!

Hope everything will go smoothly today~~~a775a_google-android-angry-logo-550x393



First of all… no I am not dead… and what about MODE 2?? No that is not dead either!!

recently I’ve been playing with the Android system! I’ve been trying to port my bible study notes to the Android system. And The progress has been promising… But…. Do they really have to get us code all that XML layout files?? Can’t Eclipse come up with anything simpler??

Updated for the iphone 5 display…

Just patched the game to work for the iphone 5 4 inch display. Kudos to Apple for the ease of porting it over for different screen sizes!!!!

Mode 2’s design is still going very well, many new thoughts have come to light!

Celebrating the iPhone 5 release…

New version of Tyrants: The Mafia Connection is uploaded to the itunes! Sorry that the MODE 2 is not ready yet so this version will not include the MODE 2.

Added a new item: BuyPhone to celebrate the release of new iPhone 5. BuyPhone has 3 models, 16, 32, and 64. They increase AP,DP,HP by 16, 32, and 64.

The JRPG that opened my eyes was…

none other than the infamous FF6…  The story, the character, the apocalyptic world, the development, everything about it was amazing! Released in 1994 on Super Nintendo, still one of the best even by today’s standard

Jquery Mobile

Recently I’m impressed by the powerful web development tool “jquery mobile”. I’ve been fiddling around for some time and is currently attempting to develop a web app with it. I ran into some crazy issues today which is the trouble with the dialog popup. Been debugging for like hours and finally found out that the jquery mobile links doesn’t work the same way as normal links do due to the AJAX nature! If I need to link to another html I MUST declare rel=”external” or the result is unstable. In my app the redirected page had some jquery functions. It worked for the FIRST page it linked to but failed on the NEXT page. Ohh the horror~~~

A little History about JRPG (Japanese Role Playing Game)

I first came to know the genre JRPG in 1988. The game I came across was none other than the legendary Dragon Quest III. It was for the Japanese Nintendo system known as the “red-white” system. The game featured day-night system, class-change system (the darma shrine), and the best part was the story. It smoothly connected to the very first Dragon Quest game.

Speaking of the first Dragon Quest game, it was the one of the first JRPG on the market! Players play as the hero trying to save the captured princess. Here is the game play from youtube:

Here’s the wiki page on JRPG: Link

Anyone remember the first Dragon Quest on the NES system?

Patch notes

The next patch will introduce some side quests. (hopefully)… To give the players something to play after the game ends. And don’t worry, the MODE 2 is under construction! The designing phase is going quite well!! I know how mode 2 should flow now… just need to put design into action!!! Hopefully it will go according to my plan.


THANKS FOR EVERYONE who downloaded and support Tyrants: The Mafia Connection! Your support means the world to me!

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