Defining Neverland…

After a long battle(trust me, it’s REALLY long) of how to properly setup the MODE 2 initialization, I finally came to the conclusion that basic city “GEO” data should be stored in a static database for easy future updates, and all the other in game stats should be applied on the first run of the MODE 2. Today, I am gladly to announce, the initialization of what’s defined as a “CITY” is done!!!


Seeing the data fixed brings me the greatest satisfaction!

Seeing the data fixed brings me the greatest satisfaction!

Version 1.14 submitted!!



Finally came around and fixed the Game Center crash. While I am at it, I also added 5 new exciting achievements to the list! And it’s been our tradition to add something new to the database whenever there’s a patch, today we got the Pimped Glasses!! It’s an upgraded version of the glasses mod we had. Next Version, Hopefully MODE 2 will be ready and running!!!

Picked the music for MODE 2

Mode 2 is still going… I have been designing the GUIs this week… I am pretty happy with what I have got so far.

And more importantly! I picked a good music for the mode 2, THAT’S right!!! I’m feeling JAZZY!!!

(* The static is only in the recording… When I have time I will record another one… *)

MODE 2 DB design…

sqlite370_bannerI will never want to forget how to do the .sql to .sqlite command again, so here it is:




cat xxx.sql | sqlite3 xxx.sqlite

The tentative MODE 2 database design is “somewhat” done. This means that the gameflow is finalized for now. I hope it will be an engaging experience to play the mode 2. I guess only time will tell.

Now the stage is set…

city3_newNow I got me a little Blender environment setup… and I can just rearrange the buildings or rotate the camera to form new city looks what not.

Now I got to design the database! Before the database, I need to make MORE sense of how the game should flow. Back to drawing table…


Discovering sliding panel is…

It’s great to know that the sliding panel is so easy to do, anyone can do it in 5 minutes!! Well, maybe not ANYONE… but it’s really nice and easy to do! The code is clean and efficient!

pic35I should update my battle to have the sliding panel displaying more information, such as partner’s HP, SP, stats, buff, debuff and etc…


Fan of Jigsaw puzzle?

Screen Shot 2013-04-10 at 11.09.41 PMDue to the irregular shape of the map, I had to manually piece all the parts together to form the complete map~ But I love my tiny flag poles! They are so cute!

MODE 2 progressing…

No, I am not dead… Been doing some coding on my bible notes projects. Fixing a few issues here and there. Also I have been doing some Blender modelling lately. Of course it’s to enhance my beloved Tyrants game!

Today I’ve figured out how to clip the UIScrollView clip so that the view no longer bounces off to the edge of the image! I finally don’t need to worry about the ugly off image sharp edge madness!

NEXT: We are heading into the detail of each area!!!

Stay tuned!

Screen Shot 2013-04-09 at 11.34.55 PM

Celebrating the iPhone 5 release…

New version of Tyrants: The Mafia Connection is uploaded to the itunes! Sorry that the MODE 2 is not ready yet so this version will not include the MODE 2.

Added a new item: BuyPhone to celebrate the release of new iPhone 5. BuyPhone has 3 models, 16, 32, and 64. They increase AP,DP,HP by 16, 32, and 64.

Patch notes

The next patch will introduce some side quests. (hopefully)… To give the players something to play after the game ends. And don’t worry, the MODE 2 is under construction! The designing phase is going quite well!! I know how mode 2 should flow now… just need to put design into action!!! Hopefully it will go according to my plan.


THANKS FOR EVERYONE who downloaded and support Tyrants: The Mafia Connection! Your support means the world to me!

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