Defining Neverland…

After a long battle(trust me, it’s REALLY long) of how to properly setup the MODE 2 initialization, I finally came to the conclusion that basic city “GEO” data should be stored in a static database for easy future updates, and all the other in game stats should be applied on the first run of the MODE 2. Today, I am gladly to announce, the initialization of what’s defined as a “CITY” is done!!!


Seeing the data fixed brings me the greatest satisfaction!

Seeing the data fixed brings me the greatest satisfaction!

Version 1.14 submitted!!



Finally came around and fixed the Game Center crash. While I am at it, I also added 5 new exciting achievements to the list! And it’s been our tradition to add something new to the database whenever there’s a patch, today we got the Pimped Glasses!! It’s an upgraded version of the glasses mod we had. Next Version, Hopefully MODE 2 will be ready and running!!!

Picked the music for MODE 2

Mode 2 is still going… I have been designing the GUIs this week… I am pretty happy with what I have got so far.

And more importantly! I picked a good music for the mode 2, THAT’S right!!! I’m feeling JAZZY!!!

(* The static is only in the recording… When I have time I will record another one… *)

MODE 2 DB design…

sqlite370_bannerI will never want to forget how to do the .sql to .sqlite command again, so here it is:




cat xxx.sql | sqlite3 xxx.sqlite

The tentative MODE 2 database design is “somewhat” done. This means that the gameflow is finalized for now. I hope it will be an engaging experience to play the mode 2. I guess only time will tell.



First of all… no I am not dead… and what about MODE 2?? No that is not dead either!!

recently I’ve been playing with the Android system! I’ve been trying to port my bible study notes to the Android system. And The progress has been promising… But…. Do they really have to get us code all that XML layout files?? Can’t Eclipse come up with anything simpler??

Updated for the iphone 5 display…

Just patched the game to work for the iphone 5 4 inch display. Kudos to Apple for the ease of porting it over for different screen sizes!!!!

Mode 2’s design is still going very well, many new thoughts have come to light!

Jquery Mobile

Recently I’mĀ impressed by the powerful web development tool “jquery mobile”. I’ve been fiddling around for some time and is currently attempting to develop a web app with it. I ran into some crazy issues today which is the trouble with the dialog popup. Been debugging for like hours and finally found out that the jquery mobile links doesn’t work the same way as normal links do due to the AJAX nature! If I need to link to another html I MUST declare rel=”external” or the result is unstable. In my app the redirected page had some jquery functions. It worked for the FIRST page it linked to but failed on the NEXT page. Ohh the horror~~~

Patch 1.11 has already begun!

Hello Everyone! Thank you for your support and feedback of my Tyrants: The Mafia Connection. The patch work has already begun! Problems to be fixed are as follows:

1. game center strange crash

2. sometimes when executing skills without the proper item will result in a term loss.

And the following will be added:

1. a lv 20 raid boss

2. some new items, mainly mods.

3. side quest

4. more achievements to be unlocked

Please stay tuned for more, and don’t forget to recommend this amazing game to your friends!

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